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Hiking around the parents’ property with the nieces and sisterArroyo Grande, CaliforniaMemorial Day weekend, May 2014
Los Alamos, CaliforniaMay 2014
Denise BoveeUpland, CaliforniaMay 2014

Mexican food handouts on the way to the hop-out and the puppies sharing the water bowl
Forth Worth, Texas
May 2014

Free food left on table and sleeping under bridges like a real home bum
Fort Worth, Texas
May 2014

Double stack nap, stuck in Texas and sleeping under I-30 in Fort Worth
May 2014

Sleeping in the vet parking lot
Pecos, Texas
May 2014

Freight life. Somewhere in Arizona
May 2014

Colton, California
May 2014

Joshua Tree National Park, California
May 2014
Denise Bovee

Vasquez Rocks, CaliforniaMay 2014