Q: Hey, I had a question about selling your photos (and forgive me if it's been answered before; I noticed you get a lot of similar questions about things like editing apps). How much of your income is generated from iStockphoto versus Society6/Getty? I would love to be doing what you're doing and I've saved some startup money but since I'm not a well profiled stock photo contributor I'm worried about said money running out.

If you build up a good-sized portfolio, the income can be fairly consistent. I can imagine there are thousands of other location independent jobs out there but if you’re wanting to sell photos as stock and print it could take a while to get things rolling.

Here are some approx figures for income % and files for sales from those three sites: iStock 75% (13k files), Getty 12.5% (3k), and Society6 12.5% (128).

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